Saturday, 22 December 2012

How to connect 2go Chat with facebook

I have been receiving messages,mails and calls from people,asking me on how the can connect there 2go chat with Facebook Account so that the can chat on 2go with their Facebook friends.I decided to write this tutorial to solve that problem.

Friday, 21 December 2012

How To Open A Domicilary Account(DOLLAR ACCOUNT)

What is Domiciliary (dom) Account ?
Domiciliary Account is a special account in foreign currency especially in US dollars opened in a local bank that allows you to make international bulk payment in form of bank wire transfer for goods or services online. Dom account comes handy when dealing in Mega transactions which your MasterCard or VisaCard might not handle.

However, charges emanating from wire transfer in Dom account can be very high. This also varies from bank to bank.
Dom account is funded and operated ONLY in dollars and is convertible to other foreign currencies. Love to engage in business with a company in China,UK, USA etc ?, then Dom account is for you.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

How To Register A Business Name With C.A.C

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria is a governmental organization that regulate or controls business affairs and also help in registering Business name.If you are a small business owner, please go and register your business name with CAC. The earlier, the better.

The CAC (, regulates the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. It is empowered by the Nigerian law to handle all issues associated with company registration, business names, and incorporated trustees in Nigeria. If you want to register your business name in Nigeria without involving a third party ( e.g. lawyer, agent etc), you will have to go directly to any of the CAC branches all across the country. CAC offices are mostly found in most of the state capitals in Nigeria.
Why Register a Business Name? 
Registering your business name is highly encouraged. It gives you the legality to use the name to do business. It will make so many people to have confidence in doing business with you. In fact, without a registered business name, you will not be able to do business with government parastatals and go into partnership with some big companies. If you run a business without registering it and you get involved in a legal battle.

The first time I tried registering my business name, I went to the CAC office in Lagos. I met an agent who discouraged me from doing it by myself, claiming it will take several months for me to even know if my business name is available or not. She sweet-mouth me so she can do it for me for a fee. I agreed and I paid her some of the money she demanded so she can get started asap.

Unfortunately, I couldn't follow up on the process because I moved down to Benue few days after paying her, to resume to my dream job. On getting to Benue, I visited the CAC office in Makurdi and I was able to register my business name by myself with less than N5, 000.
Steps in Registering Your Business Name in Nigeria
==> Walk in to any CAC office. Most are located in the state capitals. You can get the contact info of the CAC state offices at

==> Make sure you have at least three different unique names at hand before going to the CAC office
  • The names must not contain words like "National", "Government", "State", "Co-operative" etc
  • The names must not be similar to any business or trade mark already registered in Nigeria
  • The use of the word "Consulting" and registration of some professional services will require that you provide evidence of the relevant professional qualifications and/or registrations.  Please try avoiding such if you do not have such professional qualifications.

==> Tell the CAC staff you want to register your business name. You will be told to pay for the ‘Availability Check and Reservation of Name Form’ and file. Both costs  approximately N500. You can also download the form from

Below is a screenshot of the form. Note that this might change with time

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Solving Blackberry Processing Delay Problem

If you Blackberry delay when processing, then this is the easy step to get rid of that problem:
-Hold ALT and Press LGLG(Event Log Information)
-Press your Option key and Choose Clear Log.
-It will ask you Verify deletion of Event Log
-Choose Delete
-You are DONE

Hope you find this so useful, drop your comments below.

Steps For Pdf File Conversion To Microsoft Format

==> Go to on your PC

==> Use the "Browse" button to select the pdf file you want to convert

==> Choose the format you want to convert to. In this instance, you choose "doc" as seen in the picture below:

How To Make Your Tummy Flat And Sexy

A flat tummy is essential not only for looking good to both Men and Women but for overall good health. Diet and exercise are two of the most important elements in making your tummy to become flat and sexy without surgery. The diet industry has grown immensely and there is a large number of DVDs, equipment and diet foods out there. With a little research and some self-discipline, you can achieve a flat tummy within a short period of time.

How To Purchase From Amazon And Ship To Nigeria

Many people ask me to explain how I manage to buy stuff from Amazon shops from Nigeria. The difficulty in buying from Amazon in Nigeria stems from the fact that Amazon is selective of items they ship to Nigeria. Secondly, since Amazon does not require your PIN, most Nigerian Banks issuing Visa cards will not release payment until and unless PIN is provided. I take two easy steps to overcome these difficulties.
*I got a USA address from for $10
*I got a Zenith Prepaid Visa Card From a Zenith Bank Branch, which I opened with $120.

My experience is that most Nigerian banks will not release payment until and unless the card holder inputs his/her pin. It is for the above reason I recommend
 Visa card from Zenith Bank Plc. You can
Enquire from your bank if they can allow your card make online payments without the PIN.